• Android Lifestyle Apps: HD Gallery Download

    Gallery is a free image browser , which has the 3D effect . Support for the popular image format , including : BMP , JPEG , JPEG 2000 , GIF , PNG , PCX , TIFF , WMF , ICO and TGA . Beautiful interface and the skin automatically change , easy to use. Magnifying glass can show every detail of the image .
    With the Batch Processing function , you can easily to change a lot of images .The unique image browsing mode ,Pictures , thumbnail display and switching is more convenient .With smooth browsing speed and comfortable operation ,support more touch mode of operation , or so sliding switching picture mode . Gallery is not only a picture browsing tools ,but also has the intelligent image editing functions .Its "improvements" function is very good , such as cutting , rotate and zoom .
    Image is a very important part of multimedia . more intuitive , more image , more vividly transfer related information ,than words .Different view Angle , will give visitors bring different visual experience . 3D model of browsing , show the picture more vivid , more bright .
    - Can browse phone all the picture , even the hidden picture can be browsed
    - 3D effect , more realistic aesthetic feeling
    - Browse all pictures , pictures will be set as wallpaper , may to the images cut , rotate , amplification , narrow
    - Share pictures through the SMS , E-mail , micro letter , facebook , micro bo
    - Delicate interface design
    - Best quality full-screen browser
    - Extensible personalized slide play, clear thumbnail preview
    - Play video and GIF, camera
    - Fluent experience: sliding translation or switching, click or double-click or double refers to scale the image
    - Support for popular image formats , including: GIF , BMP , JPEG , JPEG 2000 , GIF , PNG , PCX , TIFF , WMF , ICO and TGA.